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Values are often unwritten assumptions that guide our actions. Values demonstrate our convictions and priorities. Values are confirmed by our actions, not just our words. Values are not a doctrinal statement; they are convictions that determine how our church operates. Values provide the foundation for formulating goals and setting the direction of the church’s ministry. Core values are the 5-10 key statements that reflect the distinctives of a church. Key issues for determining your core values: If the church were really the church, what would it be doing? What makes you angry? What do you get passionate about? How do you invest your time and money? What’s your biggest criticism of the church? For what do you want your church to be known? What are the essential functions of the church'

Determining your core values:

  • Brainstorm a list of potential core values.
  • Make sure each value is easily translated to action.
  • Group similar statements together.
  • Highlight the ones that are the most important.
  • Write a tentative list of 4-7 values.
  • Check for completeness.

Do all the essential ministries of the church flow logically from one of the core values? Describe the specific behaviors that will demonstrate each core value in action.

Bob Logan

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