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Unity of the Spirit in the EFCM

We must rejoice over unity as a precious gift from God, while protecting it as a valued treasure. Here are some practical ways we are committed to keeping the unity of the Spirit in the EFCM:

1. I will recognize the call and gifts from God in all of my co-workers.

2. I will exercise vigilance over our unity.

3. I commit to speaking well of my coworker brothers and sisters and will publicly express appreciation for them.

4. I will pray diligently and fervently for the blessing of God on my teammates.

5. I will affirm the co-equal importance of planting, watering and supporting ministries.

6. I will shoulder responsibility for the ministry assigned to me and at the same time exercise prayerful concern for the field’s ministry in its entirety.

7. I understand that in the “heat of battle” there will be misunderstandings, conflicts and offenses.

8. I will deal with offenses promptly and appropriately

9. I will listen intently in order to understand the other person’s perspective.

10. I will avoid judging the motives of a fellow worker, because I cannot see my brother or sister’s heart.

11. I will forgive others on the team without hesitation or precondition, knowing that I, too, will need frequent forgiveness for my offenses.

12. I will commit myself to becoming better acquainted with the members of my team.

Jesus Himself said that believers and non-believers alike are watching, and our love for each other is the evidence that our faith is real. Join with me in guarding the precious unity of our faith.

Dr. Benjamin A. Sawatsky, Executive Director, EFCM, in Beacon, July, 1998

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