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The True Story of Two College Roommates

This is the true story of two college roommates. One girl was a Christian and the other girl an atheist. The Christian had become good friends with her atheist roommate. The Christian had finally been able to get her friend to examine the evidences for Christianity. The atheist was now convinced that the Bible is true and was close to making a decision to receive Christ. 


One night the girls had studied together for hours for a group class project at the university library. They had lost all track of time when the announcement came over the speaker: "The time is now ten minutes until eleven o'clock and the library will close in ten minutes." They realized they were about to be late for curfew at their dorm. The atheist girl had been late several times before and this time she knew she would be in big trouble if she were late again. They panicked, packed their papers and books and began to run together down the stairs and out of the library.  


The atheist told her friend: "I can't be late again. I have eight minutes. The only way I can make it is to cut through the forest." The Christian insisted: "Please don't go that way! There are no lights and it's too dangerous! There have been warnings of strangers around campus!" The atheist girl yelled back to her as she ran: "Don't worry! I'll be fine!" The Christian pleaded with her friend to come back until she could see her no more.


Then the Christian paused to pray, asking Jesus to protect her. She then took off running after her friend, believing that her friend would be safer if she were with her. She ran through the forest yelling to her, "Wait for me! Wait for me!" Her friend did not respond and she could hear no footsteps. She thought her friend had made it out of the forest to the parking lot. She ran faster, trusting Jesus to protect her and finally she reached the parking lot.

She entered the dorm one minute before curfew. She expected to find her friend in the dorm room but she was not there. After several minutes she called campus security. Her friend's body was found in the forest. Her throat had been cut, she had been killed and raped.


The killer was found. He was a thin homeless man who had killed and raped many young ladies in similar manner. He pleaded guilty in court to all of the murders.


The Christian girl asked the judge if she could speak to the killer and was given permission. Tears flowed down her face as she read her statement. Here is the statement and the conversation between the Christian and the killer:


Christian: "I had become very close to my friend, roommate and classmate. I still miss her very much. I am very grieved by what you did to her. I will never get over it. You were very selfish to rape and kill my friend for your own pleasure. My friend was an atheist. She was close to making a decision to receive Christ as her Lord and Savior. She was not prepared to die. I am a Christian. I was prepared to die. Please answer my question. Why didn't you kill me?"


Killer: "I was gonna kill an' rape ya too 'til I saw that huge man walkin' with ya. Ya was smart ta have him with ya."    


Let this story remind you that our Lord Jesus is always with His children. He promised He would never leave you nor forsake you (John 10:28; Hebrews 13:5). Prayer and faith have great power for the Christian. Please allow this true story to encourage you to share the evidences for Christianity with every unbeliever you know. They can be found in the book More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell or go to and type in "evidence the Bible is true."


Please pass this on!!!    

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