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Translation Errors

  • CAMELS BIBLE In 1832 an edition had Rebekah leaving her tent to meet Isaac with a group of - not damsels - but camels.
  • WIFE-HATER BIBLE An 1810 version read, “If any man come to me, and hate not … his own wife (instead of “life”), he cannot be my disciple.”
  • “SIN ON” BIBLE. The first English-language Bible to be printed in Ireland, in 1716, encouraged its readers to “sin on more” rather than “sin no more.”
  • A similar error in 1653 had declared: “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall inherit the kingdom of God?”
  • THE WICKED BIBLE of 1631 reported the Seventh Commandment as “Thou shalt commit adultery,” a mistake that infuriated King Charles. He ordered all copies destroyed and fined all printers whose hands had touched the edition.
  • MURDERER’S BIBLE. This 19th-century faux pas had Mark 7:27 as “Let the children be killed” instead of “filled.”
  • PLACEMAKER BIBLE. a 16th Century printer had Jesus blessing the “place-makers” instead of “peacemakers.”
  • An American printer later substituted the “Parable of the Vinegar” for the “Vineyard.”
  • PRINTERS BIBLE. Perhaps King David was on target in a 1702 edition, which quoted him as saying “Printers (instead of “princes”) have persecuted me without cause.

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