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Tips for Sharing Your Faith With Your Family

Take advantage of the spiritual foundations of the holidays to witness to unbelieving family members.




Remember that it is God who changes the hearts and wills of people.Regrettably, we want to see them come to Christ so much that we sometimes push and manipulate.I Cor. 3:-6-7
Pray urgently, desperately.Have friends pray for your unsaved loved ones, too.Phil. 4:6
Preserve the relationship.If there are relationship problems, be quick to reconcile.Heb. 13:1
Develop a loving boldness.You may want to say, “I wouldn’t be fair to you or our relationship if I didn’t share the most important thing in my life.”II Tim. l:7
Ask thought-provoking questions about life:“Who is God to you?” “Do you ever think about death, and where would you go after you die?” “What brings you happiness in life?”“What does Christmas mean to you?” John 4:1-30
Recount what God is doing in your life.You may not want to share what you learned in your quiet time, but perhaps of God’s hand in your decision-making.Psalm 118:17
Check your methods and motives when debating spiritual things.Are you trying to be right or righteous"Prov. 11:2
Give nonbelievers a reason to be curious about Christ.How do you view Christ yourself? Do you portray Christianity as a relationship or a lot of rules to follow'Phil. 2
Love and live well.Love them as God loves them.Rom. 5:8

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