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Things to Say to Your Children

  • I’m proud of you,
  • Way to go,
  • Bingo ... you did it,
  • Magnificent,
  • I knew you could do it,
  • What a good helper,
  • You’re very special to me,
  • I trust you,
  • What a treasure,
  • Hurray for you,
  • Beautiful work,
  • You’re a real trooper,
  • Well done,
  • That’s so creative,
  • You make my day,
  • You’re a joy,
  • Give me a big hug,
  • You’re such a good listener,
  • You figured it out,
  • I love you,
  • You’re so responsible,
  • You remembered,
  • You’re the best,
  • You sure tried hard,
  • I’ve got to hand it to you,
  • I couldn’t be prouder of you,
  • You light up my day,
  • I’m praying for you,
  • You’re wonderful,
  • I’m behind you,
  • You’re so kind to your (brother/sister),
  • You’re God’s special gift,
  • I’m here for you.

John Trent, Ph.D., Vice President of Today’s Family, Men of Action, Winter 1993, p. 5

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