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Term Papers

When it comes to term papers, you’re the creative type who likes to ponder your brilliant ideas before committing them to a typed page. Trouble is, your parents are clock watchers who are ever-mindful of your approaching deadline and expect the sound of constant production from your room.

Despair no more. You can all be satisfied, thanks to “Genius at Work,” a long-needed cassette tape now on the market. After dinner, retreat to your room, shut the door and turn on your tape recorder. Your walls will instantly echo with the industrious sounds of paper being rolled into a typewriter, followed by the click-clickity-click clatter of somebody hard at work. A full 60 minutes of stereo-typing, while you recline in peaceful procrastination.

The “Genius at Work” tapes, produced by Dying Need Industries, can be purchased by writing: P. O. Box 124, Hubbard Woods, IL 60093. They cost $6.95 each...which shows who the real genius is.

Campus Life, March, 1981, p. 31

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