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Television Compared to a Snake

I had never dreamed of having a snake for a pet until I saw one at my friend’s house. I had always been afraid of snakes - they somehow gave me the willies. But this one was different. It wasn’t slippery and slimy like most I had seen, and its colors were beautiful. Somehow it was intriguing. I knew it was poisonous, but it looked and seemed so harmless.

So I bought one for myself. I was living alone at the time and somehow its presence comforted me. I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Later, when I married, my husband took right up with it and to my surprise, he grew to love this creature even more than I had. Before long I realized I was very jealous. My husband seemed to visit more with the snake than with me. This snake caused many arguments between us and I began to hate it. I resented their relationship so much that I refused to participate in their fun and games. I spent many evenings behind the closed doors of our bedroom, in loneliness and tears.

This snake was allowed to do absolutely anything it pleased. When the children were born I became even more frightened.

“Honey,” I pleaded, “we must get rid of this snake. If it bites one of the children, it could be fatal!”

“Oh, nonsense,” he responded. “We’ve had it this long, and it’s done no harm. Besides, it’s kept in a box. I’ll watch and make sure it doesn’t harm the children.”

One night the snake hissed at my daughter. Poison filled the air. We had to pray hard that night before she could sleep. Somehow the more frightful and violent it seemed, the more pleasure my husband derived from it.

One night I dreamed of praying over the snake and it withered an dried up. So I had friends at church join me in prayer. One saint came to the house. We laid hands on its box, praying that God would free us from this evil.

Soon my husband agreed to get rid of it. “But let’s sell it,” he implored. “We can’t destroy it!”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I said. “It’s poison - we can’t endanger someone else!”

I finally gave in and agreed to sell it. At least my children would be safe. Still I feared for this new innocent family. It was my joy to keep this poisonous creature from intruding on them.

One night while I was at church alone (my husband stayed home), the snake died. Just before it died it made one big long hiss-s-s-s-s! The picture tube went out—some innocent family was spared!

Source unknown

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