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Special Memories

What special memories do you have about your childhood?

1. How did you get along with each of your parents? What were they like'

2. What did you like and dislike about your parents'

3. What were your hurts and disappointments as a child'

4. What were your hobbies and favorite games'

5. How did you usually get into trouble'

6. How did you usually try to get out of trouble'

7. What did you enjoy about school and its activities'

8. What pets did you have? Which were your favorites and why'

9. What did you dream about doing when you were older'

10. Did you like yourself as a child? Why or why not'

11. What were your talents and special abilities'

12. What awards and special achievements did you win'

13. Did you have a nickname'

14. Who were your close friends? Where are they today'

15. What would you do on a hot summer afternoon'

16. Describe the area where you grew up—people, neighborhood, etc.

17. What were you afraid of? Do you have any of those fears today'

18. How did you get along with your brothers and/or sisters?

19. If you had none, which relative were you closest to?

20. Who did you date and for how long? Where did you go on dates?

21. How did you feel when you liked someone and that person didn’t care for you?

22. What was your spiritual life like as a child? As an adolescent?

23. How has being an adult changed your life?

24. How are you different today than you were 20 years ago? Ten years ago?

25. What have been your greatest disappointments? How have you handled them?

26. What have you learned from them that you would want me to learn'

27. If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently'

28. What do you want to be remembered for?

29. How did you meet my mother?

30. What was your first impression of her?

31. What was happening in your lives at the time you met?

32. How did your parents respond to your dating and engagement? How did her parents respond'

33. How did you make the decision to marry? Who proposed and how'

34. What have been the strengths and weaknesses of your marriage'

35. How did you get along with your in-laws at first?

36. How did you feel when my mother was expecting me?

37. What was it like to have children? How did it change your life'

38. What did you like and dislike about being parents?

39. What are your general impressions of me as a person?

40. What are your hopes and dreams for me?

41. What about me has brought you the greatest satisfaction? The greatest disappointment'

42. How have I changed as an adult?

43. How would you like me to grow and develop at this stage of my life?

44. In what way am I most like you? In what way am I least like you?

Always Daddy’s Girl by H. Norman Wright, 1989, Regal Books, pp. 68-70

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