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Some Say King James Is the Only Translation

I was once criticized by a student who disapproved of some of the books I have written because in them I quoted from different translations. “The King James Version is the only Bible,” he told me. “It’s the only authorized Word of God!”

When he had calmed down, I asked him to answer three questions for me: What was the Word of God before 1611 when the King James Version was published? What is the Word of God on the mission fields where people cannot read English? Who authorized the King James Version to be the Word of God'

Of course, he saw the plight he was in. If some person or group authorized a translation to be the Word of God, then that person or group would have a higher authority than the Bible itself. And it is inconceivable that the great saints and martyrs from Pentecost to 1611 did not have the Word of God. It is even more inconceivable that our missionaries, who dedicate their lives to the translation and distribution of the Bible, are wasting their time on publications that are not the Word of God.

My student friend’s prejudices were showing, but when I confronted him with truth, he refused to budge. I can only pray for him ask God to open his eyes.

Warren Wiersbe, God Isn’t In a Hurry, (Baker Books; Grand Rapids, MI, 1994), p. 111

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