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Smelly Debt Collector

He may dress like a skid-row bum and smell like a dead rat, but Andy Smulian is a hit among London businessmen plagued by those who won't pay their bills.

Employed by the London-Manhattan Debt Collection Agency, the 20-years-old youth will stumble into a deadbeat's office for $65 and raise a stink until the freeloader pays up. 'the receptionists do most of my work for me,? says smelly Smulian. "I hear them tell their bosses, "If you're not going to write a check, you'd better find yourself another secretary."'

Though the enterprising young man has generally been successful with his debt-collecting efforts, he has recently been taken to court because of his villainous stench. But he insists he is not to be sneezed at and is sure the London magistrate will rule in his favor. 'the law doesn't define when a smell becomes offensive,? he says with confidence.

But who is he to talk? Afflicted with permanently blocked sinuses, he can't smell a thing.

February, 1980, Campus Life, p. 23

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