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Smartest Man in the World

There was a plane trip with three passengers high up in the friendly skies. There was one known as ‘the smartest man in the world,' a small boy scout, and a minister. All of a sudden the pilot comes running back through the aisle. Hurry, you've got to bail out, this plane is going down. There are three parachutes left and I'm using one of them. At that, he grabs one of the chutes, straps it on and jumps.

The smartest man in the world speaks first, "Well, I have so much to offer to the world that it's obvious I need to be saved." Then he jumps up, grabs a pack, and jumps.

The minister looks at the boy and begins to talk, "Son, I've had a productive life while yours is still ahead of you, so ..."

The boy interrupts him and says, "That's okay, pastor. There are two chutes left. The smartest man in the world just took my scout pack before he jumped."

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