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Santa Claus Parade and Jesus

When I was growing up on the Canadian prairies, my older sister and I would crawl out onto the roof of our father's barbershop at Christmas to watch the Santa Claus Parade. The perilous climb took us up a ladder, through a trap door in the roof of the apartment over the shop; and then, out onto the roof.  I am astounded that our mother ever let us do that! We would carefully edge our way along the roof to the front wall, which stood two stories above the street below . From that vantage point, we could watch the entire parade and see Santa coming...long before anybody on the sidewalk below!

From the high perch of Scripture's vantage point, we can see Jesus coming, long before the event. His coming predicted in Isaiah 9 is a "done deal" long before the reality. Santa never came, but Jesus is coming!

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