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  • It does not matter if you fall down, as long as you pick up something from the floor when you get up.
  • 28 members of a weight watching club on an outing in Australia suffered the exquisite embarrassment of having their bus sink up to its axles in a tarred parking lot.
  • Sir Thomas Beecham, the British conductor, once saw a distinguished-looking woman in a hotel foyer. Believing he knew her, but unable to remember her name, he paused to talk with her. As the two chatted, he vaguely recollected that she had a brother. Hoping for a clue, he asked how her brother was and whether he was still working at the same job. “Oh, he’s very well,” she said, “And still king.”
  • At a ballet performance in Cape Town, South Africa, the music began and the curtain rose to reveal a workman on his knees, nailing down part of the set. He got up slowly, lifted his hands above his head in a graceful gesture, raised himself on his toes and pirouetted offstage.
  • The wife of a retiring bishop was impressed when she and her husband left the home of their host, the Episcopal bishop of Panama, and found a crowd waiting near the front of the house. Having seen these people during a morning church service, she greeted each one present and thanked them for such a warm good-by. Her enthusiasm waned, however, when a city bus appeared and the puzzled crowd climbed aboard.

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