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Just before giving a lavish party at his estate, a tycoon had his swimming pool filled with poisonous snakes. He called the guests together and announced, 'to anyone brave enough to swim across this pool, I will give the choice of a thousand acres of my oil fields, 10,000 head of cattle, or my daughter's hand in marriage.?

No sooner were his words spoken than a young man plunged in, swam across the pool and climbed out-unscathed but breathless. "Congratulations!" the tycoon greeted him. 'do you want my oil fields"? "No!" gasped the guest. 'the 10,000 head of cattle"? "No!" the young man shouted. "Well, how about my daughter's"? "No!" "You must want something,? said the puzzled host.

"I just want to know the name of the guy who pushed me in!"

Hank Lee in Reader's Digest

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