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Psalm 37:23

Why the Carriage Got Stuck

The truth of this text was deeply impressed on John Wesley one day. Traveling along a road filled with ruts, his carriage became stuck in the mud. The delay disturbed him because he was eager to get the next town where he was scheduled to preach. While some helpers tried to get the vehicle moving, another Christian came by. Wesley talked with him a moment and recognized that he was deeply troubled. Asking why he was so distressed, he learned that a crop failure had made the man almost destitute. “I haven’t been able to get the money together to pay the rent,” he said despairingly. “The landlord is ready to turn us out, and I don’t know where to go with my wife and children.” “How much do you owe?” Wesley inquired. He was told that 20 shillings is what he needed. “Well,” said Wesley, “I believe we can supply that. The Lord evidently wanted me to meet you.” Taking the money from his wallet, he handed it to the man and said, “Here, go and be happy!” Then turning to his companions, he exclaimed, “Now I see why our carriage got stuck in the mud. Our steps were halted so that we might help that needy family.”

Daily Bread, Friday, August 28.

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