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Proverbs 30:24-28 (Excuse-making)

The Rock Badger

We could learn a lot from the rock badger. This small animal (also called a coney or hyrax) knows where to go when danger comes.

The large ragged crags jutting up from the mountains form a perfect hiding place for the badger. If an eagle swoops down and tries to capture him the little animal is protected by the rock. The eagle would have to tear the mountain apart to get to its prey.

When a lion is on the prowl for lunch, the badger goes undetected by lying close to the rock because he is the color of the mountain.

As long as the badger hides in the rocks, he is safe. If he wanders away into the grassland, he is dead meat. The most courageous badger is wise enough to know that his strength lies not in working out at the gym but in taking shelter in the crags.

If you have the brains of a badger, you’ll figure out were your strength lies. “Be strong in the Lord,” the Scripture urges us, “and in the power of His might” (Eph. 6:10). “The Lord is my rock and my fortress,” cried David after being hunted by his enemies (2 Sam. 22:2).

Badgers know where their strength lies. Do you'

Our Daily Bread, February 15, 1995


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