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  • Well-trained is the son who can hang onto his father’s words as well as he can a fly ball (Prov 4:4).
  • Happy will be the child who cries because his dad loves him (Prov 10:12)
  • A wise father hates sin in order to love his son.
  • A good father shows the value of a book as well as a buck.
  • The dad who wonders how much of a teacher he needs to be would do
  • well to go to the school of Solomon.
  • The man who finds a good woman should show his son how to avoid a bad one (Prov. 2,5,6,7,9).
  • What a father knows about sex might help his children as much as surprise them (Prov. 23:26-8).
  • A wise son makes a glad dad as much as a foolish one makes a glum mum (Prov. 10:1).
  • Thank God for fathers who not only gave us life but taught us what to do with it.
  • If you’re amazed at how hard your dad can make it for you, try it without him (Prov. 15:5).
  • Double whammy; foolish son and contentious mammy (Prov. 19:13).

- M. R. De Haan II

Source unknown

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