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Philippians 2:5-11


  • Tell it to the Church, p. 13 - Rights

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Endings are Not Always Like Beginnings

By the end of his life, musician Giuseppe Verdi was recognized as a master of dramatic composition. His works astonished the world of music with a power, subtlety, and brilliance that marked the ultimate in Italian grand opera.

But he didn’t begin his career with such success. As a youth, he was denied entrance to the Milan Conservatory because he lacked the necessary training. Although his musical abilities were apparent in childhood, as an innkeeper’s son he did not possess the formal education and background required. Yet time does strange things. After Verdi’s fame had spread worldwide, the school was renamed the “Verdi Conservatory of Music.” This turn of events is a reminder that endings are not always like their beginnings. - M.R.D.II

Our Daily Bread, March 8

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