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Passion for the Passion of Christ

The following excerpt was sent to Icon New Market Films:

"I realize you probably never have the occasion to see him, but if you do, could you tell Mel Gibson that a 74 year old woman named Hally Raisor saw the Passion and as a result she gave her life to Jesus Christ and was baptized.

The only thing is, after she saw the film, she was so cut to the heart she contacted all her brothers, sisters, her sons and daughter-in-laws and made them go see it as well. As we were being seated before the showing she fell in the darkness on the steps going down to the chairs (stadium seating). We began to rush her to the hospital but she would not let us. We tried to reason with her, but she demanded we sit down and watch the film. After the movie she engaged each of her family members by asking them whether they had a relationship with Jesus Christ or not. She took the time to passionately present the Gospel to them... Then she went to the hospital where is was found that she had 3 broken ribs and other serious injuries. That night (saturday) I called her to cancel her baptism the next day (by complete imersion mind you). She became irate and demanded, "If Jesus Christ could suffer what He did for me, I can suffer through this for Him!" AND SHE DID!!!

That Sunday morning with 3 broken ribs and all, Hally Raisor was baptised in full view of her astonished family. Hally has since become bed-ridden and is nearing the end of her life. But she is not in the least bit afraid to go meet the one who saved her soul---Jesus. God bless you Mel!"

Submitted by Pastor Ed Amundson,

Woodlawn Baptist Church, Lebanon Kentucky

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