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Parachute Riding

You haven’t seen these on “Wide World of Sports.” While professional sports are finding ways to contain the fanaticism they incite, zany amateur diversions are just new coming into their own. Consider these options: Parachute riding. Invented by Colorado State students a few years back, it consists of harnessing a parachute to a rider on the ground, who is standing or sitting on a flat piece of heavy cardboard. As helpers lift the edges of the chute in the air, billowing winds fill it, and away the rider goes on his nylon chariot at speeds as high as 30 miles per hour. Caution: better plant some helpers downwind so that, if the chute starts to lift off the ground, they can plunge into it and collapse the nylon canopy. One rider, lofted into a tree, fractured a leg and elbow.

Source unknown

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