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Once there was a man of worry

Once there was a man of worry.  He worried about everything in life.  He hardly went out because he worried about the dangers he might encounter in the outside world, accidents, diseases, pollution and people he didn't want to see.  He also worried about other things such as personal finance, work, domestic affairs and some trivial matters.  This state of anxiety really made him extremely unhappy.

But one day, he changed into a different person.  He became so happy and carefree.  He always smiled and hummed songs.  His friends were so amazed about the changes and went to ask him the secret. 

'I am not anxious anymore.' he said to his friend. 

'It is good to see you so happy, but how can you do that?' his friend asked him. 

'Well, it is easy, I am now hiring a man to do the worrying for me, so I don't have to.' he said. 

'That's good idea.  But how much do you pay him?'  his friend asked. 

'Ten thousand pound a month.' he said.

'That's a lot of money, how can you find the money pay him?' his friend asked.

'Well, that's his job to worry about it'. he said.

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