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Oil Filters

Anxious to get home after a week long business trip in California, I waited for my flight in the crowded boarding area. Suddenly the public address system glared: “Flight 100 to Dallas will be delayed 20 minutes due to maintenance problems.” All of the passengers groaned.

Twenty-five minutes later another announcement came: “The Dallas flight needs an oil filter. As soon as one is located, we will be on our way.” Another collective groan filled the boarding area, now packed with people waiting for a second flight.

After 15 minutes, the PA system crackled: “We have installed the filter for the Dallas aircraft and will soon be boarding.” Before the cheers subsided, there was another announcement: “Flight 220 to Seattle will be delayed. Your aircraft needs an oil filter.”

Ted Ballenger (Reedsville, PA), quoted in Reader’s Digest

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