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New York City Statistics (1943 - 1993)

In New York City in 1943, 3% of all births were illegitimate. There were 44 homicides by gunshot. In 1992, 1499 died of gunshot. 45% of births in 1993 were illegitimate. Nationwide, nearly 30% of all babies today come home fatherless, 68% in Washington D.C. It is as if we have been pushed through a time warp, dropped down a black hole. One woman who confronted the change starkly is a Los Angeles school teacher who left the system many years ago to raise her own children. On her first day back this fall, she began class with the traditional, “Good morning, students!” only to be greeted by a shout of “Shut up, b——” and laughter.

Gary L. Bauer, President, Family Research Council, Nov. 4, 1993 letter

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