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Is Ned There?

Two drunks were in a railroad station at midnight, discussing the difference between irritation, aggravation, and frustration. They couldn’t agree. One finally said, “I’ll show you the difference.” He went to the phone booth, circled a number in the book and called it. After ringing and ringing, it was finally answered. “Is Ned there?” “NO! There’s no Ned here,” and the phone was slammed down. “That’s irritation,” he said to his friend. After another 20 minutes he called again. The phone rang and rang. Finally someone answered and the drunk asked, “Is Ned there?” The answer came back, “There is no Ned here! I told you before!” —SLAM. “That’s aggravation,” he said to his partner. Another 20 minutes went by, and the drunk said, “Now I’ll show you frustration,” and he made another call. Finally the phone was answered, “I told you before, there’s no Ned here!!!” “But this is Ned—any messages for me?”

Source unknown

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