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Naturist Camp

I have a friend whose daughter is into the whole ecological scene. Thankfully, she married a man of like passion, so it’s a good match.

Not long ago the two of them, along with their preschool son were driving, up the East Coast, not far from the Atlantic. They came upon a sign that intrigued them: “Naturist Camp: 3 Miles,” with an arrow pointing toward the ocean. Thinking they might meet up with some new friends who love the natural world, they turned. A couple of miles along the two-lane road, they looked into the distance and were shocked to see three people on bicycles, riding toward them…totally nude.

Realize their mistake, they were suddenly embarrassed that their son would see the oncoming bikers before they could get turned around. The dad slammed on the brakes, tried his best to do a quick U-turn as he and his wife worked hard to divert their son’s attention. Neither worked. The boy was staring intently while his dad was steering intensely.

Both parents were amazed when they heard their boy burst forth, “Look, Mom and Dad—none of them are wearing safety helmets!”

Now, that’s what I call staying focused.

Charles Swindoll, Dallas Connection, DTS, Autumn, 1998, p. 3

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