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Mystery Novelist

Sister Carol Anne O-Marie is a nun in Oakland, California, who writes mystery novels about an elderly nun playing detective. According to Leigh Weiners of the San Jose Mercury, Sister O-Marie was once approached by a Hollywood company to turn her novels into a television series.

She was told that it would help dramatically if the central character were younger, had a drinking problem, and perhaps had an illicit love affair before she donned the habit. When the author declined to contemplate such changes, the television producer tried the ultimate argument:

"You're turning down a chance, Sister, to make a lot of money.'

"What would I do with it"? replied the nun, who had taken a vow of poverty, "I'm not going to live in a nicer convent.'

Peter Hay, Canned Laughter, Oxford University Press, Bits & Pieces, May 25, 1995, pp. 22-23

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