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Mysteries of Godliness

I once led a man to Christ who loved the sunny country of common sense, but he could not put up with the mysteries of godliness. He kept shoving common sense at me, while I kept trying to show him that the mysteries held the meaning of faith. One day he said,

“Pastor, you know this new eternal life I have—well, I’ve been thinking about it. What are we going to do all day long for eternity?”

“We’ll praise the Lord,” I said.

“Forever—for ten million years we’re going to stand around and praise the Lord?”

“Well, yes,” I said, although heaven was beginning to sound like cable television.

“For millions and millions of years?” he said. “Couldn’t we just stop now and then and mess around a while?”

I kidded him about his “dumb questions,” but I have to admit similar questions of my own at times. How meager our understanding of praise—and heaven!

- Calvin Miller

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