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My Father Was Blind

When Lou Little was coaching Football at Georgetown, he had a player who was definitely third rate but had so much spirit he was an inspiration to the team. He rarely saw action except in the last few minutes of a game that was already decided. One day news came that the boy's father had died. The youngster came to Little and said: "Coach, I want to ask something of you that means an awful lot to me. I want to start the game against Fordham. I think that's what my father would have liked most.?

Little hesitated a moment, then said: "Okay, son, you'll start, but you'll only be in there for a play or two. You aren't quite good enough and you know it.? The boy started the game and played so well Little never took him out. His play inspired the team to victory. Back in the locker room Coach Little embraced the young man and said: 'son, you were terrific. You never played that way before . . . what got into you"?

The boy answered: 'remember how my father and I used to walk around arm-in-arm? There was something about him very few people knew-he was totally blind. This afternoon was the first time my father ever saw me play.?

Bits and Pieces, Vol. F, #41

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