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Mother Teresa

A Hindu professor at Creighton University Department of Business wrote,

“On this confused Earth, which is busy with materialistic goal-achieving, there was only one person closest to God: Mother Teresa. She cannot die. She simply merged with the Supreme Being....Her religion of service to the needy transcended any single religion. In fact, one might say that she followed the path of karma yoga (selfless action) for achieving union with God.”

John Cardinal O’Connor, reflecting more the Catholic mindset, said, “If she is not in heaven [bypassing purgatory?], then I am really terrified of dying, because of all she did.”

A one-line letter to the editor of a small-town newspaper had this to say: “If Mother Teresa doesn’t have a nonstop ticket to Heaven, no one does.” In other words, if she didn’t earn her way in, there’s no hope for the rest of us.

T. A. McMahon, “Death,” The Berean Call, November, 1997

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