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Matthew 14:30

Sinking Times are Praying Times

Sinking times are praying times with the Lord’s servants. Peter neglected prayer at starting upon his adventurous journey. But when he began to sink, his danger made him quick to pray, and his cry—though late—was not too late. Short prayers are long enough. There were but three words in the petition that Peter gasped out, but they were sufficient for his purpose. Not the length but strength is desirable. Our most desperate times are the Lord’s opportunities. Immediately a keen sense of danger forces an anxious cry from us which the ear of Jesus hears; and with Him ear and heart go together, and the hand does not linger long. At the last moment we appeal to our Master, but His swift hand makes up for our delays by instant and effectual action. When we can do nothing, Jesus can do all things; let us enlist His powerful aid upon our side, and all will be well. Charles Spurgeon

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