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Marriage in Heaven

A young couple was called to heaven before they could be married. The disappointed groom took St. Peter aside and asked him if it was still possible for them to be married.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait,” St. Peter replied. “Check back after five years, and if you still want to be married we will talk about it.” Five years passed and the couple came back, repeating their request.

“Sorry, you must wait another five years,” St. Peter told them. Fortunately after the wait St. Peter said they could be married. The wedding was beautiful and at first the couple was happy, but then they realized they had made a mistake. They went to see St. Peter, this time to ask for a divorce.

“What?” St. Peter asked. “It took us ten years to find a minister in heaven, and now you want a lawyer?”

Quoted by Linda Vaughan in San Antonio Express-News, in Reader’s Digest, p. 71

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