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Mark 10:43

Desire to Be Great

From the words of Jesus to His disciples we may properly conclude that there is nothing wrong with the desire to be great, provided

(1) we seek the right kind of greatness;

(2) we allow God to decide what greatness is;

(3) we are willing to pay the full price that greatness demands; and

(4) we are content to wait for the judgment of God to settle the matter at last!

It is vitally important, however, that we know what Christ meant when He used the word great in relation to people. No one whose heart has had a vision of God will ever consent to think of himself as being great. There are two kinds of greatness recognized in the Scriptures: an absolute uncreated greatness belonging to God alone, and a relative and finite greatness achieved by or bestowed upon certain friends of God and sons and daughters of faith, who by obedience and self-denial seek to become as much like God as possible.

A.W. Tozer, Source unknown

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