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Luke 6:27

Flowers D.O.A.

Flowers are a thing of beauty and an expression of sentiment which may mean, “I love you,” “Get well,” or “My condolences.” In keeping with the cynical spirit of our age, a new venture called Flowers of Extinction will deliver buds and petals guaranteed to be dead upon arrival. The offensive gift is designed as a way to get even with former bosses, jilting lovers, or whomever you would like to insult with revenge. It may sound like a clever retort, but it won’t meet with Christ’s approval. “Do good to them which hate you,” Jesus said (Luke 6:27). Has someone wronged you? Do you feel bitter about the injustice of a friend? I have a suggestion. Instead of scheming for a way to return evil for evil, love your enemies and former friends. Why not send them flowers? Instead of Flowers of Extinction, make your peace offering a Bouquet of Distinction.

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