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Luke 16:1-12

Polite Salesman

Faithfulness in duties we think are of minimal importance proves our readiness for larger tasks. Charles M. Schwab told of a prosperous man who started out in his youth as a poorly paid helper in a department store.

One rainy day when business was slow, the employees gathered in a corner to discuss the current baseball situation. When a woman came in, wet and bedraggled from the weather, they all continued talking except this young fellow. Quickly he walked over to the customer and asked courteously, “What can I show you, madam?” He promptly got the merchandise she requested and explained its features in a pleasant manner.

A short time later, the firm received a letter from this lady ordering complete furnishings for a large estate overseas. “I want to be assisted by the polite clerk who waited on me a few weeks ago,” she wrote. The head of the company responded by saying that the one she asked for was young and inexperienced, so the manager would be sent instead.

But when her reply came, it stated that she wanted the person she had designated and no other. So the courteous employee was sent to advise in furnishing a famous Scottish palace, for the customer had been none other than Mrs. Andrew Carnegie!

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