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Luke 15:28

Two Kinds of Sin

“The elder brother is the dark contrast which heightens the glowing picture of the repentant prodigal. When we look at sin, not in its theological aspects but in its everyday clothes, we find that it divides itself into two kinds. We find there are sins of the body and sins of the disposition; or, more narrowly, sins of the passions, including all forms of lust and selfishness, and sins of the temper. The prodigal is the instance in the New Testament of sins of passion; the elder brother of sins of temper. One scholar did a careful analysis of the ingredients that went into that one spiteful speech. They were jealousy, anger, pride, uncharitableness, cruelty, self-righteousness, sulkiness, touchiness, and doggedness.

Let us carefully read our hearts, lest there be any trace of this spirit in us when others are pressing into the kingdom with joy.”

Source unknown

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