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Little Pills Where Goeth Thou?

We take pink pills for old arthritis and green ones, perhaps, for the heart.
A blue one because you are dizzy--hope the stomach can tell them apart.
A white pill controls the blood pressure; a red one helps soften the stool;
A yellow one calms you down greatly so you won’t be acting the fool.

There are two-toned, and gray and brown pills for relief from head-aches and gout,
Diabetes, ulcers and heartburn, sure hope each pill knows the right route.
What a terrible mess up there could be if your headache pill went to your toe,
And the laxative pill traveled upward ’cause it wasn’t quite sure where to go.

If this should ever happen to you, you’d either laugh or you’d weep.
’Cause you’d probably run off at the mouth and your feet would be falling asleep.
How in the world could you stop the dilemma unless you stood on your head,
So the pills could all change directions before you wound up sick in bed.

What would happen if time released capsules forgot to do the right thing
And released all their pellets at once. A great upset they would bring.
So little pills of every kind, just wend your way thru us and find
The ailment that we take you for so we won’t worry anymore!

Ester Stout, Pioneer Home, Thermopolis, WY

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