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Legs of wisdom

The first ship I was stationed on in the Navy was a destroyer, and although it was an 8,000+ ton ship, the ocean could toss it around like a rowboat under the right conditions. And when it got rough and the ship was rolling back and forth, and pitching up and down, you had to adjust how you walked, and you learned to compensate without even thinking about it. And it was so funny sometimes to watch how sailors walked when the ship pulled up to the pier especially after rough weather. Some sailors would walk off the ship and walk down the pier leaning a bit, almost as if they were drunk. That's where the term 'sea legs? came from, they were still unconsciously trying to compensate for the rolling ship, when they were on dry land. Proverbs 23.19 commands the wise person to walk, not according to what society says " not adjusting their walk to popular opinion and thinking much like being on a rolling, pitching ship at sea, but rather based on the unchanging word of God. The wise person will listen to what God says, have the wisdom to follow His word, and direct their life in accordance to His precepts.
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