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John 10:3

Reality of Christ’s Presence

A man who wanted to teach his nephews and nieces about the reality of the living presence of Christ in our lives asked them, “Where’s your mother?”

“Upstairs,” answered one girl.

“How do you know?”

“I saw her go,” she replied.

“You mean you saw her start to go upstairs,” corrected the uncle. “Maybe she didn’t get there, or perhaps she’s not there now.”

“Oh, I know she’s there, because I just called her, and she answered me,” said the youngest child.

The uncle continued his questioning, “Did you see her?”

“No, but she spoke to me and called me by my name. I know her voice, and I know it was Mother!”

“You are right,” said the uncle. “And in much the same way that you know your mother is upstairs we can know that the Lord is alive and in our lives. He ‘speaks’ to us and we just know it is His voice.”

Source unknown

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