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Isaiah 40:18-31

Life Sentence

In his book Life Sentence, Charles Colson tells of strolling among the ruins where the Roman senate once met. Recalling his feelings, he wrote:

“As I stood snapping photographs, my mind flashed back to the Roosevelt Room in the White House, a few steps across a narrow hallway from the President’s oval office. At 8 o’clock each morning a dozen of us, the President’s senior aides, had gathered around the antique mahogany table; its polished surface reflected the serious, intense expressions of men who believed the destiny of mankind was in their hands.”

“The decisions we must make today,’ Henry Kissinger would often say, ‘will affect the whole future course of human history.’ We believed it. Just as the nearly 2,000 years ago. Yet here sat their once majestic forum in dusty piles of stone and rubble. Would even this much be left of the Roosevelt Room, I wondered, in two centuries, let alone two millennia from now?” - D.J.D.

Our Daily Bread, June 13

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