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Intrinsic motivation e vs.xtrinsic motivation

Some time ago, a college wrestling team was traveling to a neighboring college to compete in a wrestling match that evening.  As they traveled, the coach warned them of the other team’s strategy.  “They have perfected a certain hold and have been winning all of their recent matches,” he said to his team.  “The particular maneuver that has been winning for them is called ‘the double reverse.’  Here is the way it works.  Your opponent gets a hold on you, then he folds you up once, then he folds you up again, and while you are helpless, he throws you down and pins you, and before you know it the match is over.”  However, it was obvious that his wrestlers did not think the “double reverse” would be a really serious threat, so they didn’t seem to take his warning seriously.  He continued to exhort them, but they showed little interest in hearing of the “double reverse.” 

         The team arrived at the opponent’s gymnasium, preparations were made for the six matches on schedule for that evening, and the coach continued to warn his team.  Every wrestler reassured the coach, and the matches began.  However, in the very first match, the visiting wrestler was victimized by the “double reverse” and lost the match – as the coach groaned.  The players immediately began to refer to the “dreaded double reverse,”  taking it a bit more seriously than before.  However, the second wrestler was also defeated after being thrown by the “dreaded double reverse.”  The coach’s despair and anger intensified with each new match.  His team went through five matches without solving the “dreaded double reverse,” losing all five matches.  The coach was seething with anger as he said to his last wrestler, “Please don’t get caught as the others did; I would like to win at least one of these matches!”  The match began, and within two minutes, the final wrestler on the visiting team was caught in the “dreaded double reverse.”  The coach groaned and buried his head in his hands and refused to look at the inevitable outcome.  The home stands were cheering wildly – but suddenly the cheering stopped, and the visitor’s bench erupted with cheers.  The coach looked up just in time to see his wrestler pin his opponent and win the match!  When the celebrations had finally ceased, the coach took his winning wrestler aside and exclaimed, “What happened'  When I last looked, you were locked in the double reverse and there seemed no way out.  How did you get out from his hold and win the match?”  His wrestler replied, “Well, coach, when he got that hold on me, I was so twisted up I could hardly move.  But when I opened my eyes, all I could see inches away from my nose was a big toe.  So I did the only thing I could think of to do; I opened my mouth and bit down on that toe as hard as I could bite – and coach, it is absolutely amazing what a man can do when he bites off his own big toe!”

pastor Ile Viorel, Oradea, Romania (from an unknown source)

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