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  • “Booker T. Washington was born in slavery.
  • Thomas Edison was deaf.
  • Abraham Lincoln was born of illiterate parents.
  • Lord Byron had a club foot.
  • Robert Louis Stevenson had tuberculosis.
  • Alexander Pope was a hunchback.
  • Admiral Nelson had only one eye.
  • Julius Caesar was an epileptic.

But these men made history in spite of their handicaps.

  • And there was Louis Pasteur, so near-sighted that he had a difficult time finding his way in his laboratory without glasses.
  • There was Helen Keller, who could not hear or see, but who graduated with honors from a famous college.

“Got a handicap? Call on the Lord. No problem is too big for Him, or too small. He will make everything ‘work together for good’ -- if you trust Him.”

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