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How to Recruit People

How you enlist a person will determine how that person serves. Therefore eliminate three things:

1. Public announcements saying we need workers

2. Last minute appointments

3. Pressure tactics

Establish a personnel committee:

1. The Plan: Match people with jobs.

2. The Purpose: One job/ministry per individual, and throw everything he/she has into that one job.

3. The Procedure: One on one. Enlistment is always done one on one. Set up an appointment to approach an individual, and go over: (a) the challenge of the job, “Your job is the most important one in this whole church.” People respond to a challenge. Remember, Jesus sent many people home. (b) The cultivation of the job, “We expect much of you (implies that there are written standards) and you can expect much of us.” (c) The commitment to the job, “Don’t tell us yes until you’ve told God yes. Don’t tell us no until you’ve told God no.” Don’t ask people to do you a favor and accept. They do it for the Lord Jesus.

Howard Hendricks, The Monday Morning Mission

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