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How To Keep Wolves from Killing Sheep

In some of the outlying areas of British Columbia, Canada, farmers have been plagued with wolves killing their livestock. Meetings have been held with farmers, environmentalists and concerned citizens in a move to solve the problem. The majority of the local people favored shooting or poisoning the marauding wolves.

At one meeting a woman strode to the microphone, listed her impressive credentials and explained her solution. “Vasectomy is the answer,” she thundered. “Simply trap the wolves humanely, neuter the males and release them.”

One grizzled old sheep farmer rose to his feet. “Ma’am,” he said in a gruff voice, “no disrespect meant, you bein’ an expert, but them wolves is killin’ my sheep, not makin’ love to ‘em.”

Contributed by Charles Bonner, Reader’s Digest, August, 1979

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