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How Does Compromise Occur

Sherman and Hendricks have a seven-step process that, if left unrecognized, could lead to moral compromise:

1. A failure to commit ahead of time to do the right thing.

2. Underestimating evil and flirting with dangerous temptations, thus being exposed to far more powerful evils.

3. A failure to recognize the numerous forms of compromise lurking at every corner of life.

4. A failure to recognize the smooth flatteries and enticing fantasies of temptations. For example, overstating expenses on your expense report. After all, you company has a large budget and you’ve been a loyal employee who works overtime.

5. Succumbing to slick rationalizations. I have a Christian acquaintance who is proud of the fact that through the process of bartering he can avoid paying additional income tax, even though this is illegal.

6. A sudden, deliberate choice to give in to sin.

7. A failure to consider the costly consequences of sin.

New Man , November/December, 1994, Page 74

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