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A Grandpa is…

A grandpa is a lot like a dad
Except he always spoils you
And never spanks you.
He has whiter hair than a dad,
But not as much of it.

A grandpa asks me questions
About me.
He wants to know
What other people don’t even care about,
And what makes me such a good boy.

A grandpa likes to say yes
And hates to say no.
When I’m with Grandpa,
I’m the most important person
In the world.

A king or prince
Would not get more of Grandpa’s attention
Than I do.
When I go to bed at night,
I know that Grandpa prays for me.

I’m glad you’re my grandpa.
There’s no one quite like you
In all the world.
Thanks, Grandpa,
for being my grandpa.

Source unknown

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