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A Grandma is…

A grandma is a lot like a mom,
Except her lap is a little softer
And maybe—
there’s a little more of it.

She always has a cookie for me
In her cookie jar,
And a quarter for me
In her purse.

Grandma likes to sing to me
And read to me,
Almost as much as she
Likes to play with me.

When I have breakfast
At Grandma’s house,
She always asks me,
“What would you like to eat?”
And that’s what we eat!

Grandma likes to shop with me
And I like to shop with her
Because she almost always
Buys me something I want.

My mother says
Grandma spoils me.
But I think she just loves me.

When I go to bed at night,
I know that Grandma prays for me.
I’m glad you’re my grandma.

There’s no one quite like you
In all the world.
Thanks, Grandma,
for being my grandma.

Source unknown