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The Gorilla Egg

When I was a young lad of about 4, I was sort of the ringleader of the neighborhood "rugrats". One day I looked up the back alley and saw a group of my friends standing around looking down at something so I went over. 
"What y'all looking at?" I inquired.
"Tony, what is that?" was the reply.
When I looked down to see what they were looking at I saw what I now know to be a coconut. But this was the first one I had ever seen so I picked it up and looked at it. It looked hairy and the end of it looked like a face.
"Don't y'all know nothing?" I asked.
"Why, that's a gorilla egg." 
And they all agreed with my conclusion. It was a gorilla egg.
"What we gonna do with it?" one of them asked.
"Let's build a nest for it and take turns sitting on it untill it hatches and we will have us a monkey to play with" I replied.
So we found a wooden box and filled it with grass and placed the gorilla egg in it and began sitting on it while imagining the fun we were going to have playing with our monkey.
My mother came down after awhile and stuck her head in the door and asked what we were doing.
"Mama, look! We found a gorilla egg and we're gonna hatch it and have us a monkey to play with!"
Mom had a good laugh and proceeded to explain that our gorilla egg was actually a coconut.    We were somewhat disappointed but accepted her explaination and were much the wiser thereafter.

Sounds silly and downright stupid, doesn't it? But if you think about it does it not remind you of some people and even ministers who think they have an insight or understanding of some of the things of God and His word? They'll think they know something and even try to work with it to bring an impossibilty to past, only to learn later that their gorilla egg has turned out to be a coconut.

Tony Weathers                                         [email protected]

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