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Genesis 2:18

A Wife

I’m responsible to keep my husband from being alone in this terribly lonely world. A wife is a hedge against the alienation that comes from being human. She is a sanctuary when he battles with pain and criticism. Few people care about a man’s dreams, hopes, fears. Society tells him he’s out of sync. His friends lack real love and intimacy. Since being expelled from Eden, man vaguely remembers and longs for the fellowship and completeness only Christ Himself can supply. When the Christian man reaches heaven, he will rest and be filled.

Karen B. Mains

50th Anniversary

When my husband and I were first married, he moonlighted doing remodeling work in people’s homes. One day, we stopped by at the house of an elderly couple he worked for, and the husband joyfully insisted that we join them for some ice cream and cake because it was their 50th anniversary, “Fifty years!” I exclaimed. “That’s a long time with one person!” “It would have been a lot longer without her,” the husband replied.

Karen Jinks (Houston, Texas)

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