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Genesis 1

Politician Joke

Three men were arguing over whose profession was first established on earth. “Mine was,” said the surgeon. “The Bible says that Eve was made by carving a rib out of Adam.”

“Not at all,” said the engineer. “An engineering job came before that. In six days the earth was created out of chaos. And that was an engineer’s job.”

“Yes,” said the politician. “But who created the chaos'

Mary Waldrip in Dawson County, GA, Advertiser and News

Male and Female Views of Creation

God made man and said, “I can do better than that,” and made the woman.

Man’s view: God made beast and man, then rested. Then He made woman, and no one has ever rested since, beast, man, or God.

Word study, bara, to create, New Bible Commentary, pp. 26-7


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